3 Considerations to Make When Choosing a Boat Lift

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3 Considerations to Make When Choosing a Boat Lift

Are you thinking about purchasing a new boat but wondering where it’ll live if you choose to leave it
in the water? Depending on where you boat, you may need to consider a boat lift. Lake Austin is a
popular fishing and boating destination and is perfect for launching your boat. Whether the boat in
question is a small PWC or a large sailboat, owners will benefit by using a boat for added protection,
accessibility, and enjoyment.

Why Should Someone Use a Boat Lift?

A boat is a major investment, and a boat lift provides protection for it. A lot of people choose to
purchase a lift for their boat because of how much it can defend against marine growth and hull
discoloration. You get double the protection if you choose to add a canopy top to the lift.
Leaving your boat in the water without using a lift increases the chances of potential damage caused
by fluctuating water from storms and seasonal changes. For boat owners already convinced of the
 benefits of using a boat lift, here are 3 considerations to make when choosing one.

Size and Weight of Boat

Depending on the size and type of boat you have, you might need different lift designs, from the
style of lift to the pulleys used to haul your boat out of the water. Boat lifts have maximum weight
capacities and come in various sizes, so it’s essential to ensure that the boat lift you want can handle
your boat’s entire entirely equipped length. You’ll not only need the dry weight available in your
boat’s spec sheet but also everything you would be hauling out with you when you’re using it—gas,
fresh water, equipment, and other added weights.
Once you have found the overall weight of your watercraft, you can then determine the correct boat
lift weight capacity needed for your watercraft. It is best to add in a 20% margin of safety and then
select the next higher capacity for your lift.
You’ll also need to know whether you have an inboard or outboard design to know where the
engine’s weight will be, the hull shape, and the length and beam width, all of which will narrow
down your boat lift choices.

Know How Deep Your Water Is

Different lifts work in different water depths. Whether you can put your unit in the water yourself or
if you will need accessories like extension legs are all determined by your water depth. In situations
where your water is especially deep or the level fluctuates, you’ll need a floating boat lift. If your
water is especially shallow, you’ll need to determine whether the lift cradle and bottom framework
will work with the bottom of your water as well as the boat.
With our trusted, professional experience, ATX Lakescapes can help you make these decisions. For
example, Lake Austin is 75ft deep at its maximum depth, we can provide further local knowledge to help you choose the best boat lift fit for your purpose.

Boat Lift Decking and Accessibility

Lastly, boat owners ought to consider what kind of decking and accessibility they want when it
comes to choosing their boat lift. For some owners, access to the underside of their boats for
cleaning might be a priority, while others may prioritize the accessibility around the boat lift, such as
the decking and covering options.

Floating dock lifts, 4 post lifts, deck lifts, and other boat lift alternatives and dock accessories give
boat owners the ability to tailor their boat lift area to suit their unique preferences and needs. This
may be as intricate as a covered boat lift area surrounded by luxury amenities, or as simple as a PWC
boat lift with a swivel design on a small dock.
Having a covered boat lift area would ensure the best protection for boats and lifts, while also
providing a great place to maintain and access them for use. Whether for practical reasons or not,
boat lifts and the areas around them can be customized according to each owner’s preference.

Custom Boat Lifts Installation in Austin, Texas

ATX Lakescapes provide installation and service for every type of boat lift. Without your boat lift
working properly no one gets to go have fun and potentially the beautiful investment you’ve made
purchasing your boat is at risk of damage! All our boat lift services come with a warranty for your
complete satisfaction. Book a consultation to begin the process and we will contact you to schedule
your appointment.

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