Boat Lifts Austin TX

Custom Boat Lifts Installation in Austin, Texas

When someone asks for a boat lift service or install we help our clients consider all aspects of the lifting of your boat into a safe and steady place. Everyone’s docking experience and boating skill as well as boat types are different. We help tailor your boat lift solution to those parameters. If you’re lakefront with lots of waves you might need more protection and speed, if you’re in a cove that might not be as important. If you have small children or elderly you might want a fully decked platform and a stair! To make sure all your loved ones are safe. We truly care about everyone of our customers like family.

Our boat lifts offer you convenience and safety.

We can install boat lifts which are hydraulic boat lifts or electric boat hoists for your boat’s needs. All our boat lift services come with a warranty for your complete satisfaction. We promise to do the best possible job so you never have to worry about your boat again! If you require an estimate, please contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

A boat lift provides facility of launching and retrieving any vessel without need of manpower or external help except the required power supply. Lifting boat weight is done by means of electric motors connected to gearbox through ingenious geometry arrangements involving pulleys, gears and steel wire rope arrangement.

ATX Lakescapes provide installation and service for every type of boat lift. Your boat lift is the single most important piece of equipment on your dock. Without it working properly no one gets to go have fun and potentially the beautiful investment you’ve made purchasing your boat is at risk of damage or worse!

Hydraulic platform lifts, cable lifts, air lifts, hydraulic lifts. We specialize in the fully decked hydraulic cable lifts – this looks like a part of your dock just sinks into the water with the press of a button and launches your boat beautifully.

We have the industries longest warranties for our work because we’re so confident in our skill and only provide the BEST products in the industry. It’s our job to be the pros and to educate you so WE can make the best decision possible on your boat lift. Your boat lift (if picked properly) not only should last and be able to service many years and types of boats but is protecting something 10x the cost of the lift. When you add a boat lift to your dock system, the biggest advantage is the long term protection of your boat and engine compartment from corrosion.

The boat lift industry has been around for decades and what used to be a very common DIYer product has evolved into a highly specialized discipline with many best practices that can make or break a boat lift project. Whether it be size, weight capacity, construction type concrete vs metal vs wood vs composite – these can all have serious consequences on your budget over time because they will affect future decisions about the boat lift’s proper maintenance down the line.


Boat Lifts FAQ

How much is a boat lift

Typically, the price for a boat lift ranges from $2000 to $20000. Think of your boat lift cost as about $1500 per ton being lifted.

Are boat lifts worth buying?

Clearly, you need a boat lift to protect your boat, maintain its value, and enjoy the water. They’re well worth the investment when you consider the extra cost and resources that would result from water damage and deterioration. … Plus, our double v-side design makes it easier to access your boat at any time.

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