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Custom Boat Dock Design & Construction in Austin, Texas

Ever wished you could bring your entire lakefront project to one company? Now you can. We can turnkey your project wether its in the design stage, pre build or we need to save a sinking ship/remodel. We customize and tailor our boat docks to our clients hobby’s and aesthetic. Always using and implementing the newest most innovative products and techniques/tools to get our projects done on time and to the highest standard. 

We build with wood, steel, composite, concrete and blend them beautifully to bring your dream dock to life. Your boat dock should be an extension of your home. We are one stop shop for your lakefront construction. Wether you have a design and just need to build it, want to remodel it, or just know what you love to do on the water we can help you with your project.

boat dock builders austin tx

Boat Docks FAQ

What do boat docks cost?

Building a boat dock may not be an inexpensive task, but it’s worth every penny. If you’re looking into building one for yourself or as the perfect gift idea then here is how much they cost: A typical range starts at $3,100 dollars with average costing around $14,000. There are many different types available such as prefabricated/assembled ones that run about $1,000 dollar vs permanent high quality fixtures which can go up to 75k.

What is the best material for a boat dock?

If you are looking for a deck to last, aluminum is the one. It requires no maintenance and will not rot or decay in any way – it just needs cleaning when needed! The lightweight material also helps make sure your boat stays afloat while its durability makes this type of construction an excellent choice if weight becomes an issue on land as well with other materials.

What are the different types of docks?

  • Floating Docks
  • Piling Docks
  • Pipe Docks
  • Crib Docks
  • Suspension Docks
  • Wood Docks
  • Aluminum Docks
  • Plastic Docks
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