Dock Maintenance Austin TX

Protect Your Investment With Regular Dock Maintenance in Austin, Texas

The dock is a crucial part of any dock lakefront property, and a dock maintenance service ensures this important equipment stays in working order. This service includes dock repairs as well as preventive maintenance to reduce further dock damage.

A dock maintenance service covers all aspects of dock care from repairing/replacing damaged components to cleaning and recoating the decking. Also included are regular inspections to identify incipient problems before they become major issues. Preventive measures such as power washing debris off the decks and out of joints between planks can prevent costly dock replacements down the line. Dock owners also receive an upgrade kit with the annual inspection which contains replacement parts needed for continued use and upkeep: roller bearings, steel tracks, indicator lights, switches/sensors and more.

And indeed in Austin, Texas we are presented with the issue of zebra mussels that must be taken care of for the longevity of your dock and boating equipment.

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